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Our Personalized Approach to Weight Loss Helps You Achieve Your Goals and Improve Your Overall Health


About Us

At Restore Care, our mission is simple - to help you overcome health challenges and get back to peak condition. Utilizing ground-breaking, FDA-approved treatments, we help patients get in better shape with increased energy and greater well-being.

Call 801-896-3710 for a FREE consultation.  We don’t go through insurance so we can get you on this amazing medication in a matter of days!

Services Offered

1. Semiglutide Injections
2. Tirzepatide Injections
3. Ultraburn - B12 injections
4. NAD injections


1. Semiglutide Injections - $65 Per Injection
2. Tirzepatide Injections - $150 Per Injection
3. Ultraburn - B12 injections - $25 Per Injection
4. NAD injections - $50 Per Injection

About Your Doctors

Dr. John Lowe, MD, FACG

Dr. John Lowe attended Weber State University for his undergraduate studies and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree. He then went on to complete his Internal Medicine residency at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Minnesota. Dr. Lowe then fulfilled his gastroenterology fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Since medical school Dr. Lowe has become one of the top gastroenterologists in the country. He has served as the Chief of Medicine, President of Medical Staff, and member of McKay Dee Governing Board at McKay Dee Hospital.

Dr. John Lowe.webp

For nearly 20 years Dr. Lowe served as the Director of Endoscopy at Ridgeline Endoscopy Center where he also practiced medicine. Since 2000 Dr. Lowe has served as the Medical Director and Owner of Advanced Research Institute where he has overseen 100's of clinical trials as principal and sub investigator.

Contact Us

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Phone: 801-896-3710

6028 S. Ridgeline Dr. Suite 204
Ogden, UT 84405

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